the war in lebanon

The impacts of the October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas has far-reaching implications. Skirmishes on Israel’s border with Lebanon are causing a significant amount of damage and displacement throughout the South of Lebanon. 

Conflict in the region results in a reduction in available humanitarian aid. WAM stands in the gap, seeing to the needs of war-displaced families. 

We are providing emergency food parcels, hygiene kits, medicines, fresh produce, and mattresses, pillows, and blankets for displaced families who are:

  • sleeping on bare floors,
  • living in garages and storage units, and
  • crowded into small apartments with extended family.

The situation is bleak.


Help Support War-Displaced Families

Your gift enables us to respond to war-displaced families by providing food, essential hygiene supplies, medications, first aid kits, mattresses and bedding, and trauma services.
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