Delivering Aid in the South of Lebanon


Lebanon suffered a crippling economic crash in 2019 which saw the local currency lose 98% of its value against the dollar. Five years later, the Lebanese people are experiencing devasting societal collapse while caught in the crossfire of the war between Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

Essential infrastructure is deteriorating and, in some locations, has been destroyed by airstrikes. Since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict in October, Lebanon has lost at least nine water wells, leaving villages without a source of drinking water. WAM has been responding to the war-torn south of Lebanon delivering aid to families impacted by the current hostilities. 


More than 100,000 people in the south of Lebanon have lost their access to clean drinking water. As people are displaced by the war, existing infrastructure in their host communities becomes stressed.

The WAM team visited the village of Bkassine in the south of Lebanon recently and renovated a drinking water installation that had fallen to disrepair. Considering less than half the population of Lebanon has reliable access to safe, clean drinking water, this was a lifegiving project potentially impacting hundreds of villagers.

WAM distributed food parcels and hygiene kits.
This drinking water installation was in a sorry state of repair.
Our team renovated this installation and returned it to servce.

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