Adopt-a-Church Texas

WAM is excited to announce the expansion of our popular Adopt-a-Church initiative into Texas!

As a Keller, Texas-based global humanitarian aid organization, we know that it is true:  EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! We know that the hearts of Texans are enormous. We know that the faithfulness of Texans is abiding. And we know that the generosity of Texans runs deep.

WAM was established in 2012 to provide humanitarian aid and support to the persecuted church in the Middle East. WAM currently supports fourteen (14) Christian churches and we have a waiting list of vulnerable churches awaiting adoption.

We would love to have the support of local partners for additional churches in need of sponsorship. If your group, your church, or your business is seeking opportunities to expand your mission, WAM invites you to contact us to learn more about adopting a church in the Middle East.

WAM is active across multiple sectors throughout the Middle East. Our keystone project is the Adopt-a-Church Project, which connects sponsors here in the United States with vulnerable and persecuted Mideast churches. This is an opportunity for your group, church, or business to make a connection with a persecuted church in the Middle East and, through your prayers and support, contribute directly to the advancement of the Kingdom in a part of the world that rejects Jesus Christ.

Adopting a church is not a one-sided relationship. Your adopted church will partner with you in prayer and communicate with you how your support impacts the local community through the church’s Compassion Ministry. With your support, pastors and volunteers provide food parcels, hygiene kits, medicine, and other necessities to the needy. Working together, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to people in desperate need.

They need our support. We need their faith!

Our pastors are vetted and each church is required to make quarterly reports. Our field team visits with our adopted churches monthly to ensure we are aware of success stories, prayer requests, and challenges. WAM facilitates the relationship, providing translations, monitoring your investment, and making detailed reports to you about the impact you are making.


Ready to make a commitment to a church in need? Interested, but still have questions? EMAIL WAM to start a conversation!