A Visit With Chaanineh


Our friend Chaanineh is 58 years old and she hails from Debel, a small town in South Lebanon. Chaanineh was born with sight problems, but her life became more difficult when the recent war erupted in her village. The constant bombardment and noise terrified her, even at night. Unable to bear it any longer, Chaanineh fled her village. She left everything behind to seek shelter with her sister, who occupies a tiny apartment in one of Beirut’s largest slums.

A recent doctor’s visit confirmed Chaanineh’s worst fear: she has completely lost her sight. This news left her heartbroken and desolate. Once active and capable, she now feels helpless, unable to do even simple chores.

Each day feels the same as Chaanineh remains confined to the apartment, praying for a miracle to restore her sight and return her to her home. Chaanine’s spirit is weighed down by disappointment and sorrow as she longs to return to her former life.

WAM has been able to visit with Chaanineh, offering our support, friendship, and hope.

Debel, Lebanon

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Irish peacekeepers stationed near Debel at Camp Shamrock report a significant amount of airstrikes, machine gun fire, shelling, mortars, and attacks using various munitions. Located 67 miles south of Beirut and around 5 miles north of the border, Chaanineh’s village is simply unsafe for her. In the words of Chief Petty Officer Ciaran Burns, ending a six-month deployment to Debel, “The fear is always there.”