2023 agriculture project

WAM built two solar-powered hydroponic greenhouses in Lebanon in 2023 to address the growing problem of food insecurity. These greenhouses were erected on donated land utilizing hydroponics for growing vegetables and solar power to run the pumps.

This project will provide fresh, locally-grown produce to 500 families per growing season and is capable of 5 growing seasons per year! A portion of each harvest will be sold to provide enough income to purchase seedlings and supplies for the next growth cycle.

Local agricultural production mitigates the impacts of the economic collapse and enhances food security by encouraging family/individual micro-productions, decreasing household food costs, and decreasing dependency on aid. WAM’s solar-powered hydroponic greenhouse projects are a sustainable solution to the chronic problem of food insecurity.

2024 agriculture project

The land has been leased and three new greenhouses are being built in 2024, which will improve food security for nearby families. As the crisis level increases, WAM’s agricultural footprint increases to allow us to serve more families in need.

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