Already suffering from complete governmental collapse, Lebanon has also been impacted by war on its southern border. This has driven almost 100,000 people from their homes and closed dozens of schools. Students and teachers attempt to continue online studies with unreliable electricity and internet.

According to a February 2024 report by Haqqi for Education in partnership with Save the Children, nearly 480,000 children or 25% of all children in Lebanon are receiving no education services. UNHCR reports that 44% of refugee children in Lebanon do not attend school. Parents responding to a UNICEF survey in June 2023 said that their children suffered from anxiety (70%) and depression (50%) due to the intractable crisis. No doubt these numbers have skyrocketed since border hostilities began in October.

WAM comes alongside of impoverished families and ill-equipped schools to provide tuition support and school supplies. Furnishing educational opportunities to children provides the following benefits:

  • Structure and stability during a time of conflict and crisis;
  • Protection from child labor, trafficking, early marriage for girls, and exploitation;
  • Development of knowledge, skills, and critical thinking;
  • Improved communication and social skills;
  • Increased future employability;
  • Empowerment and the capacity for self-determination; and
  • Formation of a strong foundation for the children, their families, and society at-large.
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